God Hades, son of the Titans Cronus and Rhia, received the Underworld for his realm, when his brother gods, Zeus and Poseidon, received dominion of the sky and sea.

The Cyclops gave Hades the helmet of invisibility to help in the gods' battle with the Titans – the titanomachi . Thus, the name Hades means "The Invisible." The realm he rules over is also called Hades. Hades is the enemy of all life, gods, and men. Since nothing will sway him, he is rarely worshiped.
Sometimes a milder form of Hades, Pluto, is worshiped as the god of wealth, since the wealth of the earth comes from what lies below.

The attributes of Hades include his watchdog Cerberus, the key to the Underworld, and sometimes a cornucopia or a two-pronged pick-axe.


Hades shadow will be casted in-front of the Financial center/Federal Reserve Tower on Friday August 24 ,2007 from 8pm to 10pm.

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