A Gods Shadow is a performance stencil action part of the "Stencils" exhibition at the New England School of Art and Design in Boston M.A. . Performed and conceived by V£LÅ Phelan It includes four small statues of gods/goddess.


These four statues will be on a shelf in the gallery. I will perform the last four Fridays of the show August 3/ 10/ 17/ 24. On the first Friday, August third, I will take Coatlique of the shelf from the gallery and take it to its shadow casting location schedule for 8pm. In the chosen location I will be dressed all in black , carrying only a large flashlight and one of the gods from the shelf. I will proceed to cast the shadow of the chosen god on anything around me for two hours (10pm).

For more information about the gods click on them!!

. Intent

The intent for this public space intervention is to consider the physical form we give to gods and how their only true physical manifestation of life is through the shadow they cast. It is also a demonstration of the energy, enigma and magic found in a shadow.

. Definition
Sten-cil n  To decorate or mark a surface with a shadow.

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